Very Italian. Al MuSa is a tribute to twentieth century art from Mafai to Guttuso – Brescia

Brescia – A colorful path among the ferments of twentieth century art slips from Florence to Salò following the fil rouge woven of an all-Italian creativity. Part of the collection of works of art donated to the Museo Novecento by the patron and collegiate Alberto della Ragione is released for the first time from his Florentine headquarters to reach the MuSa – Museo di Salò – at the center of an exciting scanned path from over 80 works by famous artists, from Casorati to Carrà from de Chirico to Mafai, from Rosai to Scipione.

The one through Italianissima – a Contemplazioni project, curated by Giovanni Lettini, Stefano Morelli and Sara Pallavicini, realized in collaboration with the Museo Novecento in Florence, prestigious museum reality conceived by the critic Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti – it is a journey into a distant reality, an incessant wandering beyond the appearance of things, with the determined will to subvert the concept of art before then conceived.
Until 9 December Lucio Fontana un Achrome among the greatest ever made by Piero Manzoni, an intriguing design by Alberto Savinio – works coming from private collection – will join the masterpieces donated to the Museo Novecento by Alberto della Ragione, who chose to buy the works of contemporary artists for "not to go blindfolded between the art of his time, but to give the work of living artist the legitimate comfort of a timely understanding ".

A colored itinerary divided into eight sections Ora et labora The Holy Face Portraits and new aesthetics Lost paradises Sacred rites Urban scenographies Presages Living nature and finally Look at me – ranging from the theme of work to prayer, from the role of the landscape to the concept of still life, until reaching the procession of female figures, painted, sculpted, suffered, dreamed by the artists on display.

«It is an exhibition – explains the director of the MuSa Giordano Bruno Guerri – who, retracing the fervor and the ferments of Italian art between the two world wars, wants to pay close attention to all the fundamental steps for the development of national and international art of this century ».

In the last part of the path, the MuSa, in collaboration with the Salò Civic Collection of Design, presents a prestigious selection of works by Marcello Riccioni, related to the environment of the exhibited artists.
There are the Portrait of the mother by Renato Birolli and the Portacenere by Guttuso, le Seated women by Santomaso and the Little man in the street di Rosai peeping out from the path that rides the entire twentieth century.
And finally the drawings, which give the visitor an intimate and natural vision of the artist, revealing a feeling of research and spontaneity.

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