Tips for Finally Starting your Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are blank pages filled with our random thoughts and observations in the form of art. Keeping a sketchbook is fun for starting artists, established artists, and anyone who wishes to start a new hobby. Most people start their sketchbooks with a lot of zeal but they fall off the trail somewhere along the way. Others fear starting but once they do, it becomes an easy ride.

Buy or create?

The first step in keeping a sketchbook is to find the best canvas for your work. At this point, you may opt to buy a ready sketchbook or create one. When buying a sketchbook, ensure you buy one with an interesting cover that will inspire you to draw as much as possible. The cover may include your favorite color or a design that inspires you.

Creating your own sketchbook will help you tap into your creativity from the word go. Creating your own sketchbook gives you the freedom of design in terms of the colors of the page, size of pages, and the artwork on the cover.

Alternatively, you may buy a sketchbook with a blank cover that will allow you draw your ideal cover design. You may go the extra mile, and rip off the cover and install your own.

Keep it light

Ensure that your sketchbook is highly portable by buying or creating a small book that will be easy to carry anywhere. The sketchbook should be small enough to carry but big enough to draw decent drawings. The main point of portability is that it allows you to sketch on the go despite time and location. You should always be ready for inspiration.

Keep it simple

Upon acquisition of a sketchbook, most people face immense pressure to draw perfect work. As such, some people barely get started and wit time, the sketching idea is thrown out of the window. In order to eliminate this fear, skip a few pages and start drawing on the fourth or fifth page.

Additionally, keep your drawing simple for starters. Draw inspiration from still figures, daily life activities, and individual imaginations. This will give you many ideas to work with and you will eventually find your footing.

Keep it fast

Keeping a sketchbook should be a fun activity that only takes a few minutes of your time every day. For starters, set a definitive goal to draw something every day. The discipline of drawing daily will allow you to practice and perfect your skills over time. Limit your sketching time to a maximum of twenty minutes every day to eliminate the pressure of perfection. On this note, it is important to note that your drawing need not be perfect and complete works of art. You will be surprised by the result of leaving some drawings unfinished.

Take a sketching course

It is always advisable to keep learning new things in your industry in order to improve your skills. You can easily watch free sketching videos on YouTube in order to advance your knowledge. After some time, you may benefit from an online course that will teach you how to vary your drawings in terms of colors and materials.

The above tips for finally starting your sketchbook are simple and easy to follow and soon enough you will be buying your second and third sketchbooks.


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