The San Lorenzo di Donatello guest for nine months at Palazzo Venezia – Rome

Donatello, San Lorenzo around 1440, already painted terracotta. Paris, Peter and Kathleen Silverman Collection

Rome – Until now, it had only rarely appeared on temporary exhibitions after spending several centuries in oblivion. Rediscovered only in 2003, with its entry into the collection of Peter Silverman and Kathleen Onorato, the terracotta bust of San Lorenzo, by Donatello, is currently considered one of the most serious and important acquisitions in the artist's catalog will spend twelve months at Palazzo Venezia, to satisfy the eyes of the general public.

From 12 July to 28 April, the work, realized for the main portal of the Pieve di San Lorenzo in Borgo San Lorenzo in Mugello – will be exhibited on the occasion of the initiative promoted by the Polo Museale of Lazio directed by Edith Gabrielli, and inserted within the framework of Artcity Estate 2018.

The dating of the bust seems to wander around 1440 and coincide with the years in which the most celebrated Florentine sculptor of the fifteenth century, became one of the early Renaissance bishops. the bronze David, just before his crucial stay in Padua.

Inside the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, the work will dialogue with authors such as Pisanello, Benozzo Gozzoli, Mino da Fiesole, present in the regular tour of the renaissance building managed by the Polo Museale of Lazio

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