The MarteS opens: from Bellini to Guardi, the splendor of Venetian painting – Brescia

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Sebastiano Ricci, The truth unveiled by time. Courtesy MarteS – Luciano Sorlini Foundation

Francesca Grego


Brescia – The great Venetian art has a new home: from March 31 in the hinterland of Lake Garda the MarteS will open to the public the collection collected in over 50 years by the entrepreneur from Brescia, Luciano Sorlini (1925-2015). Giovanni Bellini, Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, Canaletto, Francesco and Gianantonio Guardi, Sebastiano Ricci, Pietro Longhi, Rosalba Carriera, Palma il Vecchio are just some of the authors of the 180 paintings on display in the new Sorvini Museum of Art by Calvagese della Riviera (BS) .

Fourteen rooms spread over an area of ​​1000 square meters articulate an itinerary in painting that ranges from precious fourteenth-century gold bases to the paintings of the eighteenth-century Venetian masters: a cross-section of the taste of a passionate collector, to be discovered through the furniture, carpets and period objects that decorate the exhibition, the seventeenth-century building inhabited by Sorlini, whose noble floor was intended from the purchase to house the collections of ancient art.
Thanks to the action of the Luciano Sorlini Foundation, established in 2000 and depositary of the collection since 2004, the entrepreneur's desire to bring together in a single space open to the public the works so far divided between the Calvagese building, the Castello di Montegalda vicentina and the Venetian palace Grimani-Marcello Sorlini on the Grand Canal known as "Grimani dall'Albero d'Oro", where he began his adventure as a collector.

Industrial metallurgical expert of flight and historical aircraft, in the field of art, Sorlini initially directed his interest towards the eighteenth century lagoon, with a preference for figure painting: bright mythological scenes and episodes of the New and 'Old Testament are the evidence in the sumptuous Gallery, where the paintings are arranged as in an 18th-century picture gallery, or in the Salon of Diana, which features a rare canvas by Giacomo Ceruti, once in Palazzo Arconati Visconti in Milan ( ] Diana discovered by Atteone ). A few rooms further on, you can admire the absolute masterpiece of the Pitocchetto: the Vecchia contadina one of the most amazing and evocative popular portraits of Ceruti, but also a vertex of the painting of the eighteenth-century Lombard soul in comparison with Il Bravo by the same author and with a series of coeval portraits.

But the brightest jewel in the museum is probably Madonna in rosso by Giovanni Bellini, once in the prestigious Contini-Bonacossi collections, whose acquisition in 2000 marked a turning point in Sorlini's collecting activity. In the staging by Stefano Lusardi, the Giambellino table dialogues with other sixteenth-century paintings of sacred subjects, from Bramantino to Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo.
In the same years other shots from the master of the Brescia entrepreneur were the purchases of Stories of Giuseppe Jew by Antonio Guardi, a six-piece Rococo cycle that once furnished the rooms of Palazzo Grassi, and two exceptional gold funds of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries of Tuscany, which document the definitive opening of Sorlini to the art of other areas of the Peninsula.
Among the curiosities of the itinerary, two works by the Neapolitan artist Jacopo Amigoni, which were owned by the famous opera singer Farinelli, and a visit to the landlord's studio, where between the 1940s and red Frau armchairs, paintings can be admired of the Flemish school or the workshops of Veronese and Tintoretto.

Starting March 31st, the MarteS will be open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, with an admission ticket of 10 euros including a guided tour.

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