The Great Art at the Cinema – The appointments of 2018

David Hockney Painting 'Winter-Timber' in Bridlington, July 2009 © David Hockney; Photo: Jean Pierre Gonçalves de Lima

Back with the new year the exhibition "The great art at the cinema", which with the films of Nexo Digital brings every month exhibitions, trends and masters of the art of all time in the rooms of all of Italy.
After an autumn dedicated to the meeting and comparison between the artistic traditions of different periods and areas of the planet, the first part of 2018 will feature the most beloved painters of the modern era, with the addition of two exceptional forays into the ancient and in the contemporary.

David Hockney from the Royal Academy of Arts will open the dance on January 30th who will present the most brilliant living star of British painting in the setting of the prestigious London institution. The last two exhibitions of Hockney in the spaces of the Royal Academy are an opportunity to tell the art and retrace its unconventional existence, between images of strong impact and iconic works.

But the most awaited event is undoubtedly the one with Caravaggio. The Soul and the Blood to be released in February, that on an exciting journey in the life and work of the genius of the Baroque will flank interesting curiosities and an almost tactile perception of more than 40 works that are a prodigy of light, shadow and dramatic power.

In mid-March it will be the turn of Hitler against Picasso and the others an interesting zoom on the relationship between Nazism and art. On the one hand, the notorious Munich exhibition of 1937 condemned and mocked the so-called "degenerate art", in fact, on the other hand, the Jewish collector's houses and the museums of the territories occupied by the Reich armies were subject to systematic raids in order to build the collection of a new Louvre, which was based in Linz.
After 80 years, the film outlines the stories of the masterpieces stolen through stories and direct testimonies.

From the exhibition Van Gogh. Between the Wheat and the Sky still in progress at the Palladian Basilica of Vicenza, the homonymous documentary is born, whose release is scheduled for April 9th.
In addition to show off spectacular shots of paintings and drawings by the Dutch artist and tell their genius with the contributions of the curator Marco Goldin, the film explores the story of Van Gogh's greatest collector, Helene Kröller-Müller, who in the early twentieth century managed to buy almost 300 works, then merged into the famous Otterlo museum.

To close the season on May 8 will be Cézanne. Portraits of a life that, starting from a great exhibition set up between the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Musée d'Orsay and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, will retrace the adventure of the father of modern art, whose influence was decisive on the painting of Picasso and the avant-gardes of the twentieth century.

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