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• Disquieting muses – Klimt and the Woman in Gold Sunday, March 4 at 5:10 pm on Sky Art HD
100 years after the death of Gustav Klimt and in advance on the release of Hitler against Picasso and the others the program of Carlo Lucarelli narrates the vicissitudes of a famous masterpiece of the Austrian master under the Reich.
It is about Portrait of Adele-Bloch Bauer at the time known as The Woman in Gold to conceal the Jewish origin of its protagonist.
Like many other works of art, the painting was subtracted from the Nazis to their legitimate owners, the family of the Viennese industrialist Maurice Bauer.
Only in 2006, after a long legal battle, Maria Altmann, the niece of the woman portrayed, saw her right to have the picture recognized. As stated by his lawyer, in the great tragedy of the Shoah this was one of the few wrongs that fortunately could be remedied.

• Four centuries of feminine art. The great painting and the women Monday 5 March at 18.35 on Rai5
Artemisia Gentileschi, Sofonisba Anguissola, Berthe Morisot, Rosa Bonheur, Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun: a parade of great artists tells the painting of the other half of the sky . That grown in the shadows, far from the officiality of the academies and the great commissions, to give life to masterpieces that have nothing to envy to the male artistic production.
From the Renaissance to the twentieth century, the documentary Four centuries of feminine art is a tribute to the painters who, despite the reduced spaces of expression and the macho cultures in which they were immersed, have not renounced to create and to represent the world through sensibility and talents out of the common.

• Art of Scandinavia Friday 2 March at 6.36 pm, Monday 5 to 11.35 am and Tuesday 6 to 11.49 am
Traveling to the Lands of the North with the art historian Andrew Graham Dixon in a series of documentaries licensed by the BBC.
From friezes on Viking ships to the Scream by Munch, to achieve the successes of Scandinavian design, extraordinary works reflect the nature, the psychology and the history of peoples accustomed to searching the depths of the soul answers to worries and difficulties.
Norway, Denmark, Sweden: three episodes to explore as many realities, showing how territories once upon the edge of the world have known how to impose themselves as lighthouses of contemporary creativity between cool furniture and trendy TV series. But the artistic development of the Scandinavian countries has distant roots, as evidenced by precious achievements of the past.

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