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• Yu Haibo and Yu Tianqi Kiki, Looking for Van Gogh Wanted Cinema
"One night I knocked on a door. Van Gogh, who designed like me, opened me. I asked myself: Xiaoyong, how do you feel about painting my works? ".
Begins with a dream the physical and existential journey of a Chinese worker-painter, who has ceased to be a peasant to reproduce relentlessly masterpieces requested by souvenir shops all over the world, as I Girasoli , Starry Night Cafe Terrace in the evening . In the metropolis of Shenzhen, right in front of Hong Kong, the inhabitants of an entire district are engaged in a unique assembly line, which every month produces up to 700 oil paintings similar in all respects to those of the Dutch master. But for Zhao Xiayong the moment of truth has arrived: he will leave for Europe to get to know the authentic Van Gogh, making unexpected discoveries about the business in which he participates.
Applauded in numerous international festivals and awarded at the Beijing International Film Festival 2017 for best documentary, the film by Chinese directors Yu Haibo and Yu Tianqi Kiki, co-produced by China and the Netherlands, transforms a touching human story into a range of ideas to reflect on the nature of art today, on the transformations of Chinese society and Western culture, on aspects of globalization that we could not have imagined from the outside.
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• Valerio Ialongo, The Sense of Beauty. Art and science at CERN . Officine Ubu
Where do we come from? Who we are? Where do we go? is a beautiful painting by Paul Gauguin, but also a series of questions to which contemporary physics strives to offer answers. In particular the physics of researchers at CERN in Geneva: a scientific institution sui generis, non-profit or need for practical applications, based on sharing, peaceful by definition because created after World War II in opposition to the Manhattan Project that had led to Atomic.
It is precisely his laboratories, where we study the mysterious energy that gave rise to the universe, to constitute the set of the ambitious documentary by Valerio Ialongo: an investigation to discover unexpected connections between art and science, that sees scientists moving in parallel, who have given up giving back a concrete image of nature and artists who have lost the traditional idea of ​​beauty, machinery that looks like works of art and artistic installations that resemble scientific experiments. Apparently very distant sensitivities, which meet in a shadowy area without certainties, under the sign of imagination and research as an exercise in freedom.
Because, as Bertolt Brecht wrote about Galileo, "it was his sense of beauty that guided his search for truth".
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