Movies about art that might inspire

Movies are forms of art and they are the best platforms to inspire upcoming and established artists. Numerous movies in the film industry are inspirational through the artists’ lives and their work.


Frida was released in 2002. The film is about the life of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, who is played beautifully by Salma Hayek. The film seeks to reveal Frida’s life in her love for sex, politics, and art. Frida married fellow artist Diego Rivera who seduced her with his charm. However, she soon discovers that Diego has a keen taste for infidelity as he goes around with other women. The love and bond between Frida and Diego is seemingly hard to break since Frida opts to have a taste of infidelity instead of separating from her husband. She sparks her sex life by going around with both men and women in order to cure her sexual appetite.

Frida suffers a horrific bus accident where she breaks her back and pelvis, and is tied down to a wheelchair henceforth. Instead of wallowing in misery, she uses her injury to advance her art by painting images of skeletons and broken body parts. The film shows Frida’s miserable life but it focuses on her resilience instead of feeling pity for her. She lives her life through the art that she creates hence overwhelming her tragedies, even her early death.


Pollock is a movie about Jackson Pollock that reveals how the artist struggled with certain aspects of his life and decided to throw his frustrations into art. Pollock was an avid drunkard and infidelity was his cup of tea. It may seem like artists are often tortured souls whose work becomes better as they struggle with their personal lives.

Pollock is played and directed by Ed Harris who captures the artist’s emotions in a raw and relatable way. The movie shows vivid painting scenes where Pollock throws paint onto his canvas and the result is magical. Pollock earned fame through his art but the fame was evidently not satisfactory. The film suggests that Pollock died in a suicide mission in 1956 where he died in a car crash alongside two female companions.

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is an enchanting movie that seeks to investigate the secrets behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. Notably, avid readers and fans of the book were disappointed in the film production stating that it left out and altered some crucial parts of the story. The Da Vinci Code sparked the interest of artists, non-artists, and religion enthusiasts who wish to find out whether the paintings reveal any hidden meaning. The impact of Da Vinci Code is inspiring since it raised a lot of controversy and debates that sought out to decipher the hidden meanings.

The impact of the book and the movie is every artist’s wildest dream where they wish to leave an everlasting impact with their work. In truth, Da Vinci Code was produced in the best way possible since some aspects of the book are not easy to reenact.



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