Lotto and Leopardi: at Villa Colloredo Mels, a dialogue between two restless souls – Macerata

Lorenzo Lotto, Annunciation 1534-1535, oil on canvas, 114 x 166 cm, Recanati, civic museum Villa Colloredo Mels

Macerata – A thin thread, crossed by a common disquietude, runs from the paintings of Lorenzo Lotto to the verses of Giacomo Leopardi. The rambling life of the Venetian artist, in search of clients able to understand and appreciate it, is intertwined with the wandering mind of the poet who, like few others, was able to express the reflections on human existence in the highest form of poetry, universal song shared by men and women of all time.
Theater of this dialogue between sensitive souls, is Recanati, natio wild village for the poet, workshop of the artist who in the small town of the Marches had also built the superb Transfiguration for the church of Santa Maria di Castelnuovo, today at the civic museum.

This fil rouge that binds the two brilliant minds is wrapped in a precious cloth with a high-sounding seal. Only, without fidel government and very restless of the mind. Lorenzo Lotto dialogues with Giacomo Leopardi is in fact the title of the exhibition, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, who from December 21st to April 8th will bring to Villa Colloredo Mels, home of the civic museum, the two illustrious personality – that of the Venetian painter and the poet of the house – who were able to tell the reality and their inner conflict while comparing themselves with different artistic worlds.
It is as if for both – divided for about three centuries – there was a passport that goes beyond time. As Lotto, "included" only in the twentieth century, even Leopardi will be fully interpreted only in recent times, with modern readings of La ginestra The sunset of the moon of the poems of full maturity , of the Zibaldone . On the other hand Giacomo, as in a mirror, always had before him a work by Lotto, purchased by his father Monaldo.

The path dedicated to the unconventional painter, of whom the permanent collection of the villa houses some masterpieces, from the polyptych of San Domenico to the "overwhelming" shovel of the Transfiguration – where emotions and characters are treated with patheticism and expressiveness to the limit of physical deformation – from San Giacomo Maggiore to revolutionary Annunciation – in which the Virgin, taken from behind, does not even dare to turn her head towards the angel and, with her hands, seems almost to defend herself from the adventurer – there are other significant testimonies of the artist. Like the overwhelming Fall of the Titans in private collection, the Young gentleman of the Galleries of the Academy of Venice, the Gentleman with letter in private collection, or the Portrait of Ludovico Grazioli of the Cavallini Sgarbi Foundation.

It is impossible, therefore, not to grasp – in this that promises to be a dense journey through culture – the conceptual dialogue between the modern investigator of the human soul and the artist who – as the art historian Bernard Berenson wrote – fu "the first Italian painter to be sensitive to the changing states of the human soul" between the philosopher who was able to raise pessimism to a silent hymn to life, and the "personal painter in a age in which the personality was about to become less esteemed than conformism ".

Oil and brushes will be joined by relics, documents, manuscripts belonging to the poet, unpublished testimonies that after many years are returned to the citizens to accompany the itinerary also designed to converge poetry and painting.
The selection of these important objects – including the funeral mask of the poet, some fragments of Leopardi's clothes, a series of autographed personal letters, the partially autograph manuscript of Essay on the popular errors of the ancients – is entrusted to Professor Laura Melosi and to Lorenzo Abbate of the Leopardian professorship of the University of Macerata.

The exhibition is part of the planning of cultural events for 2017 – 2019 in Recanati, the result of the project of the Sistema Museo Museo Recanati towards the Infinity, which invests on the strong identity of the city linked to art, to poetry , to music.

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