Liberated Art: Andy Warhol, Christo, Jean Arp snatched from crime – Milan

Emilio Vedova, Venice, 1919 – Venice, 2006 Cycle N.4 '61 / '62 1961-1962 oil and paper on canvas 146.5 x 200 cm

Milan – There seems to be a precise design behind it the exorbitant art collection confiscated from organized crime between 2014 and 2016, as part of an investigation into serious financial crimes in the Lombard area.
A rare sculpture by Jean Arp two by Arnaldo Pomodoro a core of paintings by Victor Vasarely and a Giorgio Armani portrayed by Andy Warhol ; and then the Arte Povera of Giuseppe Penone the collage of Giulio Paolini the patterns of Sol LeWitt the protests on canvas by Emilio Vedova up to an early empaquetage of Christo and an installation of Chen Zhen : there is enough to follow the developments of art in the second half of the twentieth century.

The owner, with strong preferences for the abstract, the informal and the neo-avant-gardes of the Sixties, must have been entrusted to expert advisors: the result is a collection of 69 works a well-defined identity with an international breath as noted by Professor Paolo Campiglio of the University of Pavia, who also verified its authenticity.
From today this remarkable artistic corpus becomes collective heritage . To sanction the passage, the exhibition Arte Liberata – From the seizure to the museum open from 28 September to 18 November on the main floor of the baroque Palazzo Litta.

For the future, the objective is instead the creation of a Polo dell'Arte Liberata where the testimony of legality and the symbolic value of social restitution can stand out alongside the artistic quality of the works. A museum where the nucleus can be exhibited in its entirety and a permanent study center dedicated to the themes of the relationship between art and crime and the social reuse of cultural assets seized, to be built in Milan, probably in a building also torn from the hands of malfeasance.
Flag-bearer of the project is the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities for Lombardy, which on September 20 received the collection from the National Agency for Administration and Destination of the Seized and Confiscated Goods at the Organized crime.

Waiting to establish its definitive seat, the 69 works of the collection will be exhibited together with GAMEC of Bergamo which has become available to enhance them within its recently renewed museum path .

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