Leonardo Opera Omnia: masterpieces gathered in a high-tech exhibition – Cuneo

Leonardo da Vinci, La Dame with an ermine (Cecilia Gallerani) oil on wood cm.54,8×40,3. Czartoryski Collection, Krakow ca 1488-89

Cuneo – Have you ever thought you could admire all the masterpieces of Leonardo in one place? It is no longer an unrealizable dream, especially if technology puts a hand on it. La Gioconda the two versions of Virgin of the Rocks the Lady with an Ermine Il Musico the Annunciation saints, madonnas, portraits and even the Ultima Cena will soon be reunited in the most evocative buildings of the Piedmontese village of Fossano (Cuneo), thanks to perfect digital reproductions in real dimensions and very high resolution.

The umpteenth result of the fashion of "impossible exhibitions"? Yes, but it promises to be a quality fruit. Leonardo. Opera Omnia winks to fans of the Florentine genius with a project of great scientific rigor on the eve of the celebrations for the 500 years since his death.
To take care of the exhibition in program from 21 September to 13 January 2019, it is none other than Professor Antonio Paolucci art historian and esteemed expert of the Italian Renaissance.

"If we consider the pictorial production of Leonardo through a fifty-year professional activity – explains Professor Paolucci – we realize that the works certainly came out of his studio and there are few of us . They do not reach twenty. Some paintings recalled by the sources have been lost (the altarpiece of the Chapel of San Bernardo in Palazzo Vecchio, the Medusa of the Medici collections), others remained unfinished (the Adoration of the Magi Uffizi, San Girolamo of the Vatican Pinacoteca), others (the wall painting with the Battaglia di Anghiari ) are ruined during construction due to technical defects in execution. In reality for Leonardo da Vinci painting more than an end was a medium . It was an instrument of knowledge, of scientific research, of avant-garde professional experimentation. It was therefore an eminently intellectual activity aimed at understanding, through the imitation and interpretation of nature, the great machine of the world ".

It is composed of few amazing jewels certainly, the Leonardian corpus, but distributed in museums, churches and private collections all over the world : from Milan to Florence, from Paris to Washington, from London to Krakow and St. Petersburg. And moreover its delicacy means that it is not easily transferable.
It is precisely starting from these considerations – valid for the production of almost all the great masters – that the project Opera Omnia was developed: acquired with the contribution of expert professionals and sophisticated techniques digital, the reproductions of the paintings have been subjected to control and restyling operations to make them conform to the originals . In the exhibition phase, then, a complex backlighting system allows to adjust light intensity and color temperature ensuring optimal performance in any environment.
Leonardo's masterpieces are so ready to travel virtually all over the world and meet a vast number of visitors.

Articulated between the iconic Castello degli Acaja the Museo Diocesano and the beautiful baroque church of the Santissima Trinità in Fossano the exhibition will accompanied by a rich calendar of collateral events for a trip to 360 degrees around the genius of Leonardo. Lectio magistralis, meetings, multidisciplinary events between painting and music and a scientific exhibition dedicated to the inventions of the most multifaceted artist in history will give voice to the stimuli collected during the journey through the 17 paintings.

The exhibition Leonardo. Opera Omnia is promoted and organized by Rai Rai Com Municipality of Fossano Diocese of Fossano and Progettomondo.mlal in collaboration with Fondazione Artea and Regione Piemonte . Part of the funds raised through the event will be donated to the "New Energies for Haiti" project, which supports schools and students through school gardens and photovoltaic panels.

After Caravaggio (2017) and Leonardo, in 2019 Fossano will host a third "impossible exhibition" dedicated to the work of Raphael to greet the 500th anniversary of the artist's death in Urbino.

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