In Carrara a museum dedicated to Michelangelo – Massa-Carrara

Soprintendenza Speciale Archaeological Area of ​​Rome. |
Moses, Tomb of Julius II.

Massa-Carrara – Carrara, city of marble, will soon host a museum space entirely dedicated to Michelangelo. On 2 June at Villa Fabbricotti the CARMI Museo Carrara and Michelangelo will be inaugurated, with the aim of illustrating the role of sculpture in the work of a Renaissance giant, highlighting the special relationship that bound him to the city.

Per Michelangelo sculpting was not only a dimension of his artistic practice, but above all a method, a lens through which to look at reality, as demonstrated, together with his writings, Tondo Doni and other fundamental pictorial works.
On the nineteenth-century piano nobile Villa Fabbricotti these ideas will take shape in a journey divided into six thematic areas, including a focus on David sections dedicated to the symbiosis between sculpture, painting and architecture in the work of the master, as well as the creative processes of Michelangelo sculptor, with the support of lithic works and materials. We will discover in a multimedia exhibition the secrets of the Pietà we will see holograms, videos, engravings and original documents, up to a full-size reproduction of Moses and contributions by Giacomo Manzù, Michelangelo Antonioni, Ludovico Carlo Ragghianti, Luigi Moretti

And then there is ample space for the relationship between the maestro and Carrara, the dispenser of the Marbles favored by Buonarroti. Here Michelangelo came to personally procure the raw materials necessary for his work, staying for a long time in the quarries to find the best stones. In 1505, for example, it took eight months to select and extract the blocks with which he would sculpt the Tomb of Julius II .
Finally, two rooms dedicated to the legacy of Buonarroti in twentieth century art will explore the possible relationships of the Florentine genius with the work of artists such as Mark Rothko, Le Corbusier, Arata Isozaki, Robert Venturi, Jan Fabre.
The ground floor will host temporary exhibitions, plus an in-depth section on the history of the villa, while in the basement will be screened films and documentaries related to the memory of Michelangelo.

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