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Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with velvet dress, 1926. Oil on canvas, 79.7 x 59.9 cm. Photo Francisco Kochen © ADAGP, Paris 2013. Courtesy Google Arts and Culture

World – Excellent news for Frida Kahlo fans: from today, Thursday 25 May, the largest digital collection ever dedicated to the artist is online Mexican.
From the collaboration of Google Arts and Culture with 33 museums of seven different countries of the world born Faces of Frida which on the platform of the US giant makes accessible free and from anywhere the work of one of the most loved painters of all time.

At the center of the project, the imagination, the existence and the legacy of Frida Kahlo, but above all her passion for art and life, to be savored in a series of well-known and lesser known paintings, some of which presented in very high definition thanks to the technology Art Camera .
Along with the jewels of the Museo Dolores Olmedo of the Museo Frida Kahlo of Mexico City or Museum of Fine Arts in Boston there is no shortage of works coming from private collections never seen on the Internet and rarely exposed to the public, as View of New York self-portrait of the artist as she looks out the window of the Barbizon Plaza Hotel during a 1932 trip. And then personal photographs and portraits of author, letters, pages of diary, clothes and jewels, as well as precious drawings that reveal the creative processes at the base of the most famous works, for a trip to 360 degrees in the universe of Frida.

As in a museum made of stone and bricks, on Faces of Frida it is possible to admire the artist's paintings inside thematic routes or access focuses dedicated to the individual works . Those who want to fully exploit the potential of the web, can zoom in on some canvases to distinguish each stroke and explore the links of the Mexican icon with other artists and movements through special links, building from time to time their own personalized itinerary.
And to deepen, original editorial contents are available on different topics, from Frida's relationship with the body to relations with politics, up to the value of his work that goes well beyond a pop legend.

Even the most significant places in the life of the artist can be visited virtually thanks to Street View including Casa Azul the home in the suburbs of Mexico City where Frida was born, worked and lived his intense love affair with Diego Rivera, whose secret archives for decades have recently unveiled unpublished material in the eyes of the public and scholars.
And finally, a section dedicated to the legacy of an icon that knows no crisis : from painting to music, from cinema to fashion.

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