Beyond the visible: the Fourth State in Augmented Reality – Milan

Milan – Have you ever imagined entering a painting and seeing the characters up close to them?
It is the idea behind The Fourth State: beyond the visible the event of the Museum of the twentieth century that from 2 to 4 February will allow to "live" in person the iconic work of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo.
The painting, of course, lends itself: enormous, spectacular and impressive realism, was conceived by its author just to give the impression that the crowd of workers on the move "wedged towards the observer".

Modern technologies now offer Pellizza an unexpected help. With a simple smartphone or tablet, visitors can download the QuartoStatoAR application free of charge and, by framing the canvas, look "beyond the visible" thanks to the original contents created by SMART – Augmented Culture in collaboration with the Museo del Novecento.

Many curiosities to discover "questioning" the protagonists, starting from the identity of each one, seeing that the faces of the painter's friends, the inhabitants of the small town of Volpedo and his wife Teresa, are hidden in the running river.
Last but not least, the close encounter with the man who introduces the parade and the opportunity to take a picture together, to share on social networks with the meaning that the work takes for each visitor.

Located at the entrance to the Museum, Il Quarto Stato is always available for free. On the 4th of February, during the "Domenica al Museo" initiative, the entire exhibition will be open to visitors.

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