At the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, on display, 30 years of Pixar animation – Rome

Bud Luckey, color by Ralph Eggleston, Woody Toy Story 1995, mixed media on paper © Disney / Pixar

Rome – There is a skilful hand combining art and design before giving life to magic, behind the animated films that from Toy Story to the most recent Coco passing from Cars and Finding Nemo color the universe signed by Pixar.
And it is for this reason that the exhibition staged until next 20 January at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous film production company founded in California in 1986, with its stories created thanks to the use of computerized animation, it is a stop not to be missed not only for enthusiasts.

Over 400 works collected in a path set up in three sections Characters Stories Mondi – and enriched by a selection of videos, projections and two spectacular installations, reveal to the general public the creative and hidden stage of the masters who have enriched the seventh art with the prodigies of animation.
There is an artistic heritage consisting of drawings in pencil and marker paintings in acrylic, gouache and watercolors, digital paintings casts, behind Buzz, the superaccessoriato space toy, and again Woody, Princess Atta, Remy – Ratatouille's little mouse – the Nemo fish.

"The exhibition – comments Maria Grazia Mattei, curator of the Italian edition – traces the history of Pixar from its foundation, together with the research work and the production of digital images. It is designed to deepen the work of what is a true digital renaissance workshop that creates masterpieces, where hand drawing, sculpture and computer science coexist on the big screen in a harmonious synthesis. Digital, for Pixar, is both a tool and a language. We are faced with a sort of new Humanism: thanks to the mixture of innovation and creativity, we look at technology in an artistic and profoundly human dimension ".

In this journey dedicated to the masterpieces that changed the world of animation, not will miss the film festival Pixar Passion which will allow to review in Cinema, from October 19 to January 13 and with the whole family, some Pixar films, from Toy Story to The Incredibles 2 .

To discover instead what lies behind the realization of the masterpieces workshops, guided tours, special tours will unveil the secrets of the most interesting digital animation industry. And to immerse yourself in the world of 3D simulation, entering the scene and becoming as small as insects, surrounded by blades of grass as high as the ceiling, just plunge into the magical Cube.

"It is the artists who make our films and, like all the others, even our artists choose the tools that allow them to arouse emotion or reaction in the most effective way" explains in the catalog Elyse klaidman , director of exhibitions and the Pixar Animation Studios Archives.

The Roman stage is part of the international tour of the project that, after the debut at MOMA in New York in its first edition, from Mexico reached the Far East and the major world capitals with great success with the public.

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