At MARCA the visual illusions of Wolfram Ullrich – Catanzaro

Ph. Christoph Valentien, Stuttgart |
Wolfram Ullrich, preparation of the exhibition at the Galerie Lange + Pult, Zürich, 2013. Photo: © Christoph Valentien, Stuttgart

Catanzaro – Works that tilt, become soft, bend, depending on the position of the viewer, entering into relationship with the public eye, with space, with its movement.
These are the creations of Wolfram Ullrich, characterized by the flat use of color and a chromatic sign that animates the surface of the wall marking it with living presences.
From 2 December to 27 January, the MARCA – Museum of the Arts of Catanzaro – houses the first major anthology of the German artist responsible for fascinating visual illusions .
The focus of the course is the three-dimensional geometric abstractions, the result of an assemblage of steel segments prepared so that the acrylic, applied for subsequent glazings, can be fixed. Ullrich's intervention, in which color becomes concrete and three-dimensional form, is displaced in space giving life to a single installation in which each element refers to the next.

The review entitled Coordinates and Convergments curated by Alberto Zanchetta, is organized in partnership with the Dep Art gallery in Milan. Thirty works by the artist including a series of recent works in acrylic on steel and other historical pieces, retrace thirty years of career defining the most characteristic feature of his research .

"Ullrich's research – Alberto Zanchetta writes in his text in the catalog – is deductive and demonstrative. By putting the orthodoxy of concrete art in crisis, the artist tries to solicit vision through an ambiguity that makes aesthetics fit with logic and perception. Ullrich introduces the idea of ​​proximity and dissemination, of the displacement and of the slippage. His compositions destabilize the geometric volumes, as if they were to be continuously connected and disjointed ". Despite being defined as a painter and not a sculptor, his creations are presented as wall sculptures that play with perspective, like polygons that float, apparently immersed in a deep space, thanks to the use of areas with intense colors.

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