Art at height: the exhibitions not to be missed during the winter

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Giovanni Segantini, The Punishment of Lust

• The Massacre of the Innocents. Manifesto of Raphaelism by Guido Reni . At the Archaeological Museum of Aosta until 18 February

Dramatic and expressive, the great altarpiece of the Slaughter of the Innocents is an absolute masterpiece of the history of Italian art.
An articulated exhibition itinerary reveals its history, adding contributions of high scientific value through involving multimedia installations.
Alongside the creative processes of the author, always opposed to the contemporary Caravaggio, and the events related to the client, the focus is on the intense influence of Raphael in the genesis of the most famous painting by Guido Reni.
further enhance the exhibition, a Madonna's head attributed to the Urbinate from the Estensi Galleries of Modena, which will be presented to the public for the first time on this occasion.

• World Press Photo . At the Forte di Bard (Valle d'Aosta) until January 7

Over 140 images and 12 videos retrace the most burning themes and events of our time. Sensational shots that are testimony, story and denunciation retrace the year just passed through the eyes of the best reporters in the world, from 25 different countries: from India to Russia, from Syria to the United Kingdom, from Turkey to Iran or Brazil .
Eight categories in the competition, including "Actuality", "News", "Portraits", "Daily Life" and "Nature"
The winning photograph of the 2016 edition is also on show, An assassination in Turkey by Burhan Ozbilici, which depicts the assassin Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş immediately after the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov: "a disruptive image that perfectly embodies the spirit of the World Press Photo", as commented jury president Mary F. Calvert.

• Piet Mondrian Universal – Immersive Interactive Experience . At the CRC Cuneo Foundation until April 1st

100 years after the creation of the De Stijl movement, an avant-garde multimedia experience invites you to immerse yourself with all your senses in the world of colors, rhythms and geometries created by Piet Mondrian.
Virtual reality environments reconstructed in 3D are the infrastructures of a journey through time and space in the footsteps of a dynamic and versatile artist, whom the general public knows almost exclusively for the famous grids of primary lines and colors.
To discover, the study of Mondrian and the genesis of his works, but also the different locations of his work – Amsterdam, Paris, London, New, York – each corresponding to a different phase and style.
Until the great importance of music in the artist's creative universe, which was inspired by the new and unconventional rhythms of jazz to create completely abstract compositions, where the graphic elements combined like the musical notes in unusual and virtually infinite patterns.

• Magical Realism. The charm of Italian painting of the Twenties and Thirties . At MART in Rovereto until April 2

Over 70 masterpieces to tell the suspended and surreal atmospheres of Italian painting between the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century.
After the feast of novelties of the historical avant-gardes, we return to the tradition and representation of reality. But the apparent restoration is only a starting point: the external world is transfigured through imagination and wonder in the paintings of Felice Casorati, Antonio Donghi, Cagnaccio di San Pietro, Achille Funi, Carlo Levi, Ubaldo Oppi.
A path that crosses the genres, styles and themes of painting of those years, exploring the different facets of the Italian scene and exploring the sources of inspiration of the artists in all their complexity. Without forgetting the innovative contributions, so far underestimated, that the interpreters of "Magical Realism" knew how to offer to the history of painting.

• Segantini and his contemporaries. Nineteenth-century themes and figures . At MAG di Arco (Trento) until January 14

In the museum dedicated to the "mountain painter" from his native village, an intense dialogue through images between Giovanni Segantini and the artists of his time.
Enchanted landscapes, infantile figures, nudes, modern deities and girls of extraordinary beauty light up the lights and harmonies of nature, while the observation of reality and experimentation on pictorial language meet metaphors and symbolism with a powerful charm.
To visit together with the permanent exhibition of the artist's paintings, enriched by rich multimedia contents (letters, photographs, diaries of the painter of Arco) and large high-definition screens on which to admire the great works disseminated in public museums of all the world.

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