A refined marble head re-emerges in Ostia Antica – Rome

The marble head re-emerged in ancient Ostia. Courtesy of Archaeological Park of Ostia antica

Rome – Although covered with a layer of earth that obscures its details, the refined marble head returned today from the ground, during ordinary maintenance works in the archaeological park of Ostia Antica, looks beautiful.

«It seems to have the hairstyle of a Venus of Doidalsas or it could be a Muse», after an initial evaluation the archaeologists Mariarosaria Barbera and Cinzia Morelli comment, without however excluding other interpretations.
And in fact, the one found today, with a slightly abraded nose, could be a replica of the Imperial Roman age of the famous Greek model made by the sculptor Doidalsas who lived in the III century BC.
The goddess was portrayed in the bathroom, with the strands of hair gathered on the top of her head and, resting on the nape, a small chignon

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