999 questions to live in the future – Milan

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999. A collection of questions on contemporary living

Milan – Not an exhibition in the traditional meaning of the term, but a real workshop to inspire, question, and tell one's own about the sense of home of the 21st century: 999. A collection of questions on contemporary living at the Triennale until 2 April.
In design spaces that allude to the structure of a building site in progress, takes shape a journey made of multiform experiences and voices, conceived by the curator Stefano Mirti to engage visitors, generating stimuli and new questions which are added to the hundreds of contributions that already populate a project born under the banner of sharing.

The idea comes from afar, from the vision of the previous president of the Triennale Claudio De Albertis the engineer in love with design, art, living understood as the possibility of a a new humanism that spent many of its energies to make the foundation of via Alemagna an international cultural reference point. "This exhibition was strongly desired by De Albertis, a project in which he believed very much", said Vice-President Clarice Pecori Giraldi.

A playful but necessary investigation into a future that has already become present, to the discovery of a surprising variety of unimaginable changes and needs that until recently were unimaginable
Not only futuristic technologies of course . Next to wi-fi and domotics, the innovation of the everyday is intertwined with the evolution of custom and society : space then to the new practices of co-housing and co-working, to the explosion of AirBnB, food delivery services, singles and extended families.
But one wonders also how the house is perceived and experienced by an Alzheimer's patient, on whom a house does not have it anymore or has never had it

To explore, the wearable home and the domestic garden, the room of food and that of the soul with interiors in wool and silk, the room for board games and that of videogames. Radio, social media, interactive totems in dialogue with the old postboxes reflect on how the relationship between inside and outside has changed recently.
After the contribution of Edison with an excursus ranging from Casa Elettrica of Giò Ponti to the contemporary smart home, a large installation at the Politecnico di Milano helps us to imagine how we will feed ourselves in the future, while the architects of All (zones) of Bangkok present work on the " house of the spirits ", based on the idea that the dwelling ancestors are also the ancestors of the tenants officers, and a group of Taiwanese designers believe that condominium stairs are the keystone of the home system.

Other contributions come from Israel, Romania, Mexico, in a choral set-up in which no one has the right to establish univocal priorities.
"It is an exhibition that we can define post-authorial ", explained Mirti: "We are no longer in a time where there is an architect, we put Le Corbusier, who he wakes up one morning with a great idea to propose to the world. It is a weaving, made by different subjects working in multinational companies, companies, startups, research centers, schools, activist associations, communities: each one invents, develops and this great plot defines the world in which we live ".

Conceived as a festival 999 invites visitors to participate and interact in a rich program of performances, courses, talks and workshops.
With a small supplement on the entrance ticket, you can also enter the Triennale spaces every day, to continue browsing inside an exhibition that is a continuous work in progress . The schedule is enriched in fact from day to day, thanks to the contributions of anyone who has new questions or proposals to offer personally or on social platforms, which were real infrastructures of the process of gestation of the exhibition.

"The challenge was to make an exhibition not for insiders, but for families with children," said the curator: " a show 'hands on' where people touch, press, test, play. Not an exhibition where you see things, but where do things. For this reason, the only constraint that we have given to those involved is to create something fun, fascinating even for non-specialist visitors ".

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