100% Italy. A century of unpublished art on show in Turin, Biella, Vercelli – Turin

Antonio Calderara, The family – After the storm 1934, oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm. Courtesy Museum Fico

Turin – Seven exhibition venues in Turin, Biella and Vercelli, over 600 works never exhibited to the public and a medal that comes directly from the President of the Republic as recognition of excellence.
It inaugurates under the best auspices 100% Italia the exhibition that, from 21 September to 10 February, tells a century of Italian art through the masterpieces of masters of international culture from collections and museum archives, foundations, collectors, public and private galleries.
A journey marked by three great wars that have revolutionized the world and its perception, which is also an accurate account of the creativity and Italian genius that has always been a "litmus test" "Of the state of the art.

Between 1915 and 2015 parade characters and events, from Futurists convinced to want "burn the museums and libraries" so as to close with the past history and identify with the present, in a purely ideological sense, to the jihadist terrorism that bombs Nineveh and destroys the archaeological finds of the Mosul museum or the archaeological site of Palmyra.

In the capital of Savoy the Museo Ettore Fico proposes the routes Novecento Corrente Abstraction Informale , while at MEF Outside is staging the Pop Art with the advertisement of the posters, the news of the magazines, the movie posters, the TV commercials and the artists obsessed with the problem of reproducibility of art in the industrial age.

Optical Minimalism Arte Povera Analytical Painting Conceptual are at the center of the path to the Mastio della Cittadella while Palazzo Barolo opens to Transavanguardia by Achille Bonito Oliva, to the Nuova Figurazione , and to ' Internationality .
All routes s honored by critics and art historians, from Luca Beatrice to Lorenzo Canova, from Marco Meneguzzo to Elena Pontiggia, from Claudio Cerritelli to Giorgio Verzotti.

If in Turin the most significant works stand out those of Burri, Bice Lazzari, Carla Accardi, Franco Garelli, Gillo Dorfles, Lucio Fontana, Pinot Gallizio, Mario Sironi, a Biella in the fourteenth century Palazzo Gromo Losa and the Museo del Territorio respectively on stage Futurism and Secondo Futurismo with works by Carlo Carrà to Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero.
Metaphysics Realismo Magico , Neo Metafisica are instead the routes that a Vercelli – in the modern glass and steel structure, seat of Arca, placed in the central nave of the former church of San Marco – reveal extraordinary masterpieces by Severini, De Chirico, Mario Tozzi.

The first level with which 100% Italia wants to propose itself to the public is linear and chronological, with works that follow one another in a continuum perceptive without interruption. The second is that of the movements that have most influenced the world taste and aesthetics while the last level is a didactic and informative project that allows to deepen in a unified way paths and stories related to art. [19659003] The documents, together with the catalog that accompanies the exhibition – a volume of "4 kilos and 200 grams of culture" that Andrea Busto, creator of the project, has personally edited – are essential for telling and understand history, interpret the past, imagine the future.

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